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Image Work

It’s bound to happen, that beautiful girl with the noticeable zit! The sunburned face, bold tan lines, or just looking a little older than you feel someone should look. Allow me to bring some relief to your anxiety by removing acne, wrinkles, etc.

Per Image $5.00 (minimum 5 images, additional $ upon severity)

Per 15 images $65.00

Hate when you get a random bird in your otherwise PERFECT shot!? Or the background people that are just a little too prominent? Let me remove them for you and take away the distracting element of an otherwise amazing moment. (eye swapping, major reworking)

Per Hour (basic retouch included) $50.00

Who doesn’t like a little variety every now and then? I know I do and I’m sure you do to, let’s work as a team and create some masterpieces. From basic black and white or simple hand coloring to extravagant effects and art rendering I can make your picture into a piece of art your friends will surely talk about. Enhancements are just that and should ALWAYS compliment your image, not take away from it. With my experience you can count on the perfect artistic style to enhance your image.

Basic Per Image $5.00-$15.00
Basic Per 15 images: $75.00

Advanced Per Image by Consultation
(all enhancements in addition to retouching or removals)

Custom Designs such as cards, collages, posters, announcements, etc. are each unique and are priced by consultation.