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Don’t try a new hairstyle or color right before your session! Be safe and schedule that new do at least two weeks prior, so if you need to you can fix it!

Note: All high school seniors that attend CHS ........MUST comply with the schools yearbook guidelines for the yearbook photo!! Make sure to check the school dress code in regards to piercings, tattoos, and extremes in hair color. (Retakes will be $25)

A long-sleeved dressy sweater in a solid darker color is the best choice. Choose a neckline that flatters you and is modest. Full makeup is strongly advised for a soft and timeless portrait. A drape is available upon request.

A well fitted dress shirt, tie and sport jacket is required. Unfortunately we cannot provide the sport coat due to varying sizes. Please come prepared. A clean shave and a proper haircut are required by the school.